Is this a sin?

So I am on this forum and every now and then this game ad pops up with a girl that is wearing revealing clothing. I do not want to look at her neither do I want it to pop up but sometimes I’m just rolling through the forums and it shows up and since there is stuff near the ad that I need to look at, my eyes seem to wonder and look when I don’t want to. Is this a sin since I neither want it to pop up and I don’t want to look at it ‘consciencly’.

Plus can anyone recommend an ad blocker for mac so that it stops. Virus free.

So when you say “this forum” are you referring to Catholic Answers?

I have never been bothered by any pop ups while I am in this forum, is it possible it is an add belonging to another web page that you have opened? You also mentioned a game???


No a different forum sorry.

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