Is this a sin?

I have often been wondering if a missed diagnose (malpractice) is a sin?

Please explain what commandment you think this breaks and how this would be a sin. When you “wonder” if something is a sin, I think the best way to figure it out is to try to reason it out yourself using the Catechism.

Also, please note that “malpractice” is a legal term, not a moral one.

What can I say? Sorry I did ask. I must ask this as well, from the begining when I did join this web-site you have been a bit “hostile” toward me. Have I offend you in any way, if, please let my know so that I can correct what I might have done.

Hmm, perhaps it is a difference in culture or language? I see you are in Europe. I am not intending to be hostile to you or anyone else.

I think it is good to try to reason through your query and pose your reasons for thinking it is a sin or not a sin. That gives others something to discuss.

Just asking the question and not thinking through it yourself doesn’t really help you learn.

OK, first I am happy that I have not offend you, and I would like to add that here in Europe are also real nice people, not all are like me. And yes, you are right. It is good to think thru a question before you ask one. So we can say I did learn something today, and for that I say “thank you”. If we are not corrected we never learn a thing. I am not old enough to be unable to learn something new outside my own field.

Dear Lasting faith,

I have been on these forums for quite some time and although 1ke can be a bit blunt at times, he generally gives great advice and comments. I’d listen to him!


“He” is a she.

Oh really?? I guess the name looks so much like ike that I associated with a man’s name. Sorry!

Hi LastingFaith

I imagine if the missed diagnosis was caused by deliberate malpractice (e.g. not giving the patient due attention when time is available, which I do think is a moral as well as a legal concern) then it well may be. But, on the other hand, I think it important to avoid scrupulosity - many docs are doing the best they can in a high pressure job. For example. at times a doctor may be at the end of a long shift and we know their performance drops and they are more likely to make mistakes. Or docs may be pressured to get through patients faster than they would ideally like.

God bless +


Misdiagnosis and malpractice are not equivalent terms.

Malpractice is, as noted, a legal term. The moral equivalent would yes be sin. It is when a professional acts in a negligent or otherwise inappropriate manner. They do not do their job properly and it results in harm to their patients/clients.

Misdiagnosis may happen through malpractice, but more typically (hopefully) they happen because medical tests are never ideal or entirely accurate, and sometimes the most diligent of doctors may fail to find an illness. There is no sin here, if the doctor has done their job properly (or circumstances have prevented them doing it properly, as noted by Michael Allen). It is simply bad luck when a correctly run test fails to provide the correct diagnosis.

Thank you for your answers.

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