Is this a sin?

I was watching some videos on youtube that were about blending various things in a blender. It’s wasteful to destroy all those things, and in one video a Justin Bieber action figure was blended, which seemed cruel.

Anyways, would it be a sin to watch such videos?

Ask yourself this question…
Which of the ten commandments does watching these videos violate?
That will give you your most basic answer…
Which in my opinion is no- not a sin -

Then ask yourself…
Was watching these videos the best use of my time and did this activity benefit my spiritual life?
Again - I think you will agree that the answer is no.
So - what you have learned is a lesson…a good thing…

Such silly things can be “fun” and harmless to a point but when something like this disturbs your inner peace, it’s time to stop and move on to something more useful…


I don’t think it’s a sin to watch silly videos or read silly stories and articles. In fact, I have had some insights and epiphanies watching some silly junk. It’s all about how you see what you’re viewing.

Ummm wouldn’t putting Justin Bieber in a blender (okay, it’s sadly just a figurine) be an act of virtue?

I’m sure you meant the above as a joke…but No - it would not be an act of virtue.


It might possibly been a sin against the blender, but it probably did not offend God!

No, I was actually serious… sigh

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