Is this a Sin?


So I was watching a movie and I was also reading a book and just as I looked up, a girl flashed herself without a bra on. I quickly looked down to avoid it. But then I remembered that since I’ve seen the movie that the seen was coming up but I didn’t want to look at the scene. Is this a sin?


I think no matter how much detail we have of what occurred only YOU know if you have sinned or not. Now I am not trying to be unhelpful as I will try to help but just to keep things into perspective. Looking at the chronology you present it would seem that you remembered that scene only after you looked up. But then again only you know the reason why you looked up. When you are reading a book you tend to be subconsciously involved in it and therefore don’t make all the connections, but I do not want to downplay what happened. Either way I think you need to ask you confessor because they will be the best judge. All in all it sounds from what you say here that you did not purposely do this but be honest with yourself.

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I relished the scene was coming up like 10 seconds before hand. So I looked into my book and wait till it was over but as I raised my head it showed then I looked down straight away so I only looked for like not even a second.


So you looked up to see if the scene was over?




You are so innocent it makes me smile.:slight_smile: You have committed no sin. There is nothing sinful in nudity anyway! Its only if you view nudity lustfully.
God Bless You.


No, you did not sin, you are good.


I don’t believe this would be a sin, and if it was, it would probably be venial (especially considering you accidentally looked up at that moment, and you immediately looked away). To avoid future exposure to such scenes, I would suggest getting a filter. :slight_smile:


Are you seriously worried about this ?


Do you suffer from being scrupulous,a form of OCD, worried that many things may be sins?

If so, speak with your priest and let him know that it is hard for you to determine what might be a sin. He can help you to feel at peace knowing you did not sin.


A filter that will filter out nude scenes? Is that what you mean? Even for dvds? Does such a thing exist? Any names?


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