Is this a sin?


I wanted to know if this is a sin or blessing?

I’ve been struggling with my studies for a while now and haven’t been able to clear an exam. So I had access to this online material. You know how the membership is for stuff like Bronze, Silver or gold etc you get access to different materials…

So I had access to like the low level material ( bronze) and I wanted to get access to the higher level ( Gold, platinum) but couldn’t afford it…

A few days back when I had to renew my subscription I paid for the lower level service and managed to get access to the premium stuff… I also renewed for 2 months but have got my package renewed for 6 months…

I don’t know if this is a sin or not? I have been praying for this for a while to clear my exam?

Is god answering my prayers or is this a sin?


You intended to enroll for two months and there was a glitch that endolled you for 6? Is that what happened?

That sounds like their end. You should contact them and tell them what happened.

ETA: Not a sin if I understand you correctly. :gopray2: for your exams!


Well you have something that you didn’t pay for so yes.

But whether it is venial or mortal

Knowledge - you know you did
Free will - you haven’t given the software back
Gravity (seriousness) - I would say depending on the cost/profit If this hundreds of dollar software where there is a lot of profit like photoshop or something I would say mortal however if it is supper cheap well thats up to you


Well, what do you think it is? I would not see it as a blessing, by some mistake, if I did understood your question correct, you got a few level higher but only did pay for the level you are able to pay for, this is new for me, when I was in school we did not even had calculators, only paper and pens, so I am not really sure I do understand it right. However, if I did got it right you was very lucky, but to accept something you have not pay the full price for is sadly wrong.

Let us say that you are sick and in a need of a doctor. You go to see one and he make the wrong diagnose because he was “lucky” enough to recieve the right answer and did not read the whole book before the exam, how would that feel like?

I never made it in school due this strange thing I live with. I can read page after page and I don’t understand a word. The only book I understand is The Bible, so I can’t comment on how you perform in school but in my mind it is not so much about how high grades you recieve, what matters is that you really read and work to gain what you want. So, I would not do what you maybe think you want to. Honesty is the best policy, but you do what you think is right, but God does not teach us to cheat or lie.


I’d agree with St. Francis. Its not a sin as you did not try to gain access without paying for it, but taking advantage when you know you should not have access is more problematic.

You should contact the company and let them know about the glitch. You might be rewarded for doing the right thing and at worst you get what you paid for.


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