Is this a sin ?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it . Hope you all had a good Christmas!
So I was wondering I was flicking through the tv channels and found the old 80s sitcom the golden girls and I thought it was funny and enjoyed it but is it a sin to watch a tv show like that as they have really and sexual ethics and they weren’t Christians in real life either and they do swear and say nasty things sometimes etc so what do I do is it okay to watch it what about the morals and values etc what do ou think ?
thanks in advance

I’d say watching *The Golden Girls ***in principle **is sinful, regardless of what the show is about. :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve heard some priests say watching certain programs is sinful, while other priests have said it’s not sinful. My opinion on the matter would be just that - opinion. I’m not sure you’ll find clear cut Catholic teaching on the matter, but if someone else knows otherwise, I’d like to hear it.

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