is this a sin?

if you support musicians who have prochoice views or homosexual lifestyles? even if they make good music? you’re techinically paying them for the music that they produce but they could techincally be using your money for those things.

wouldn’t it be the same as supporting a charity with those same views?

Is it a sin to buy groceries from a store owned by a cohabiting couple?

Is it a sin to buy a brand of clothes designed by a gay man?

Is it a sin to leave your car in to be repaired by a Catholic mechanic who doesn’t go to Mass every Sunday?

We are not responsible for the sins of our brothers, so long as we don’t encourage him to sin.

So long as the music itself is not actively promoting abortion etc. you are not sinning by buying it.

No, it is not a sin.

I agree that you can go crazy with thinking about where your money goes, but maybe you want to think about supporting good Catholic music programs and musicians?

I think we ought to be more concerned with what our taxes are used for. Considering the evil out governments do, using our taxes to fund these evil acts, I wonder if a Christian case could be made to refuse to pay our taxes? If ‘Caeser’ is using our taxes to commit evil, then ought that money be given to him?Is it his to take regardless of what he intends to do with it?

If we could not listen to music, buy clothes, buy food, buy drink, live in houses, etc etc from musicians or companies that contradict Church teaching then we will all be stuck away naked in a cave waiting to die from thirst and hunger.

No it is not a sin.

Laudentur Jesus Christus et Maria Virgo!

Dear Friend, I believe your question would better be rephrased in such a way: whether listening to such kind music is Good or Bad. Even if it is not sin it’s still under some circumstances may be harmful either for you, or for others, who know that you being catholic, listen to a music of the group, members of which support anticatholic views. It’s for the first.
For the second, I for myself has a musician education and has a good idea of it. It’s hard for me to believe that music can be totally immune of personal beliefs of the musicians who compose it, and as the matter of fact I am convinced in quite the oposite (I don’t mean a separate song but all repertoire). Music is an art, and every artist to certain extent show and propagate in his works his own views, beliefs and wordlook.
Thirdly, Respectfully, I don’t agree with Brendan 64 we cannot compare your case with buying groceries or cloth. It’s evident that music is completely subjective product expressing way of thinking of concrete people at the same time groceries is absolutly neutral.
And the last, who can say that he knows lots of people who say we love this musician or his music very much but we totally desagree with him in that thing or onether. But there are millions people who are obssesed and “crazy” with some singers idealizing them and tryining imitate them in everything. Love and hate cannot go togather, as well as it’s very difficult for simple folk to approve strongly a person in one thing and than dissapprove in another (I mean to be objective) people usually think in the simplified way this is “black” and bad this “white” and good.

P.S. Dear Friend, if you have at least a little solicitude for the souls of you beloved musicians I would advise you to make a small but very pleasing to God sacrifice, give up listening to that prticular music as an offering to God for conversion of those souls. I understand that it’s hard and is not of obligation but in this lays the merit of this mortification.
Good luck and may God bless you!

And how do you know that Tschaikovsky was gay and a “schismatic”, that Bach was a Protestant or that Poulenc was gay just by listening to their music? Do you consider their music “harmful” for a Catholic? Asking the OP to suddenly become scrupulous and to give up listening to that particular music as an unsolicited “sacrifice” is being much more catholic than the Pope.

You misunderstood me. Partialy It’s my fault. I was not clear enough. I reffered to modern popular music not to classic. I do not cansider music of above named compositors as harmful. It’s first.
Second, dear Friend, If you are christian or at least decent man you must not spoke of doubtful facts which dishonor our neighbour (There is both pro and contra arguments as to sexual orientation of Tschaikovsky. Moscow psycological academy defend his traditional orientation). If there is doubt we must think rather good of a certain person than bad. I also do not take on my self the role of Judge to decide whether Tschaikovsky was “schismatic”
or not. He certainly was an orthodox but there is great difference between the first and the second. All orthodox materially are “schismatics” but formally only those who stubbornely persist in their errors. And only the last will be condemned by God if they will not repent and be converted. Again if you have an unfallible information that Tschaikovsky was formal as you firmly said “schismatic” and that he died unrepented you could make such a serious statement, but if not, It’s not a good thing to speak in such terms.

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