is this a sin?

Would it be considered a sin to create a fake facebook page for the sole purpose of seeing if one of your friends would friend that person? For example. I have a lot of friends on facebook that would just friend anybody that sent them a friend reauest. So if I make a fake facebook and send them a friend requst to see if they would friend me is that a sin? And if so mortal or veniel? Thanks

It doesn’t sound serious enough to be mortal, but it’s certainly quite dishonest. Not to mention a waste of time.

As is anything that has to do with Facebook…


Well, it would make no sense, to begin with. Second, you’d be creating a page under someone else’s name, right? That may be some sort of impersonation, and that may not be a sin, but it may at least be infringing on the website’s terms of service.

So don’t do it! :smiley: And if it happened, request that the fake page be permanently deleted with no option for recovery.

I believe facebook to be very spiritually unhealthy.

Facebook is per se a flipping waste of time!!

You all should be doing penance instead!!!

If there is time for Facebook, IMNAAHO, there will be time for Purgatory!


I have facebook, but I don’t post every day and don’t even get on it every day. I know people who check it first thing in the morning and all night long.

Thanks for the responses. Yea facebook can be a waste of time and I’ll make sure not to do that

This is not a matter of faith or morals. Creating such an account is morally neutral (not sinful).

As a word of caution, it may violate Facebook’s terms of service, and they may delete both your fake and real account.

This is a gross generalization about Facebook, from a person who has amassed over 43,000 posts on CAF. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s nearly 25 posts per day for years. Your participation in this thread might be considered a waste of time to some.

I average about 2 posts/comments per day on Facebook. About 1/2 of them are related to my faith, the others have to do with my kids. I have found Facebook to be both an opportunity to waste amazing amounts of time and an opportunity to easily share information with family and friends, both old and new.

To the OP, I think what you propose would only be a sin if you were fraudulently pretending to be someone else.

I think it would be an interesting experiment, but better left to sociologists who can figure out a way to do such an experiment without involving any particular popular form of social media or people they know. It needs to have objectivity. I think the phenomenom of “friending” people on social media by a click of a mouse or a finger tap and the reasons behind it would be worth exploring.

If you did it, you might have emotions involved. You would probably admit to it and talk about the results. So, in that way, it could lead to sinning by creating gossip (even if you did not intend to). Just a wee bit of a slippery slope. And, of course, a fake account is not moral and not only against the terms of service, but looked down upon by other uses if discovered.

well, the fake name could be lying, but not sure, now on the other hand the creating an acount to see if they just befriend anyone can be very useful, friending everyone is quiote dangerous, so if you dont do the account at least tell them.

For me time spent on Facebook IS penance and IS time spent in purgatory!

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