Is this a sin?


I was researching some stuff about puberty today and changes and what not to and what to do as a catholic as well as just some basic information (As I am a Teenager) I seemed to have gotten aroused and I didn’t want it to happen yet I don’t know if I’m in sin or not as I resisted it and that I wasn’t trying to look on it for purposes such as lust but on information and that. Please help.

No intent - unintended - therefore no sin…Sometimes our bodies just “react” to certain inputs. :shrug:

However - please talk to your confessor about this next time and he will be able to put you at ease more than we can. (and trust me - he hears such things all the time so don’t be embarrassed)


Thanks James for the answer,
Can I still have the Eucharist since I have to goto mass before reconciliation?

Mortal sin prevents one from receiving the Eucharist. To have mortal sin, there must be grave matter + knowledge + intent. As the prior poster stated, no intent = no mortal sin. Based upon your recited facts, you should be able to receive the Eucharist.

Before hand I was thinking what if it happens but I didn’t want it to happen nor the intention of getting aroused.

I don’t what this to sound harsh…I mean it with great love…

You are making a mountain out of a molehill by getting hung up on details and minutia.

God is not waiting for you to slip up on some detail so he can say “gotcha”.

You were looking for some information pertinent to your current life situation…as a side effect you became somewhat aroused. End of story…let it go and move on.

That is my advice


as long as you dont wanted it, it is not a sin. now you must want to stay away from those ocassions of sin, in case they are avoidable. in other cases just try to ignore them and continue your life.

no matter what happens, if you have no control of the situation it is no sin, that is why crazy people no matter how horrendous stuff they might do, sometimes are inocent of sin.

Alrighty then, I have got all the information I need and it has helped. It even just had to do with some do’s and don’ts of the church on that issue but it’s all good now :slight_smile:

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