Is this a sin?

Scrolling through my newsfeed when a picture came up, I clicked away but got aroused but didn’t want to. I am now feeling down cause I don’t know if it’s a sin or not? Please help.

I cannot judge your intentions, but one only sins when one has the intention to sin, so if your weren’t trying to sin, and you resisted the temptation,


ask the priest next time you go to confession he should hopefully clear it up for you :).

Well I didn’t mean to neither did I want to so I don’t think so.

inorder for something to be a mortal sin, you have to have full knowledge that it’s a mortal sin, full consent to doing it, and it has to be a grave enough to be a mortal sin.

Viewing pornography is a grave matter

It seems like you know that porn is a grave matter

But, you didn’t fully consent to viewing it, so at the most it’s only venial.

So don’t worry about it, you can still receive communion without going to confession first, however, I would suggest going to confession, as doing so gives you graces in order to combat your sins, even if they’re only venial (not to mention that if you go to confession, then receive communion, pray for the holy father, and do one of these, then you can receive a plenary indulgence!)

Remember the old adage: “When in doubt, Confess”.

There was one time a few years back my local priest told us that things such as becoming aroused by someone or having negative thoughts of a group or individual is only natural and that you can’t help it. The sin begins when you continue to conscientiously think about them in a sexual or negative way. Just what he said about the issue, others might have other opinions.

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