Is this a sin?

For example, the word **honouring God **in Greek, TIMO THEOS which in English is Timothy. There are many more simmiliar names with God’s name in them. So my question is, are you sinning by saying the Lord’s name in vain when you say a name such as this?

I wouldn’t think so.

When it comes to using God’s name in vain, there is a big difference between “God da**it” and “Praise be to God.” The former would be considered sinful but the latter would be OK.

By the same token, and using your example, “Timo Theos” is a positive statement about God and not intended to be offensive.

So no, it would not be a sin IMHO.


not more than saying pagoda, it might contain god on it but you are not refering to God when saying it.

I agree. :yup:


No! In fact, when parents consciously choose a name like this for their child, they are honouring God.

If I name my son Theodore, I am acknowledging that he is, indeed, “God’s gift.”

If I call him John, I am saying “God is gracious” (the meaning of John in Hebrew)

Note that St. Paul had no trouble addressing St. Timothy by his given name. :smiley:

This is entirely different from taking God’s name in vain with expressions such as “Oh God!”, “Jesus Christ!”, etc… which are at least venially sinful.

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