Is this a sin?


Some cities, sport clubs,… have some mythical creature as their symbol, like football club Roma, who has the female wolf who feed Romul and Rem as their symbol. That is from Roman mythology. Shouldn’t all things associated with pagan mythology be put away?


Are you worshiping Roma?

I live in the Sports Capital of the United States (The Steeler Nation :thumbsup:), and there is no way I worship Pirates or Penguins.

My suggestion: relax.


Don’t worry about it as you surely don’t worship a team.

The best football club in the world has a peacock and I certainly don’t worship that. :smiley:


All in good fun:
As a Broncos fan, I’ve heard of St. Elway. Haha


This is scrupulous thinking.


We cannot erase pre-Christian history and there is no need to try to do so.


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