Is this a sin?


I have a tendency to like sensational or scandalous stories especially about sex.


It would at least be placing yourself in an ocassion of sin. If you truly seek these stories out in order to enjoy them that could certainly be sinful. I would check with your priest.


I don’t understand why it’s not obvious that yes it is a sin? :confused::shrug:


I asked well because I read fiction


Fiction is fine , just don’t let it cause you to sin in thought word & deed!


Yes. If you like romance, but are tempted with the more racy secular authors, why not try some Christian romance? They are usually much cleaner, and help you protect your heart and mind. They are mostly Protestant, but if you have a strong Catholic faith, you’ll be fine.

Here’s a good list to get you started


I agree with Convert in 99’s posts, CRATUS. :slight_smile:

If you might be too tempted by what you are reading, there are some good Christian Romance authors out there, on the website that Convert in 99 posted.

You can still read some nice Romances. You get the romantic stories, but you don’t have to worry about the content of the stories.


Plenty of quality literature out there. Find some.


Your inadvertently known “sin” is void of its eternal truth.


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