Is this a sin?? ?



I was bothered by this quite a bit this morning - but am not bothered RIGHT NOW per se.

This morning I was in a gas station and got a soda. At first I thought I wanted coke but it seemed to be coming out “weak” so, moving that my dad could fill up w/ diet coke, I emptied out the little bit that was in the mug and decided to get MUG rootbeer instead. I pour it out so that it probably didn’t reach much further than the bit that would go in the cup holder. I then remembered that MUG was owned by Pepsi and the thought in my mind was “I don’t want to support them” (note: this is not a debate about PepsiCo) so I decided to get coke instead. In short I changed my mind. I drank the MUG that was in the bottom quickly, and poured out the last little bit so that I wouldn’t be at the fountain too long, and then proceeded to fill up w/ the Coca Cola.



I would have mixed all three as I went along. Or asked the cashier if it was OK first.


I think it would have been more scrupulous to pour out the root beer instead of drinking it ;). But my question is - how did the fountain have both Coke & Pepsi products? That just isn’t done!


:shrug: It had Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mug, Sprite, Diet Coke, Coke.

There were others as well - but I can’t remember them all.



If you are bothered by it then mention it at your next confession. I am sure the priest will tell you the proper answer.


It had Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mug, Sprite, Diet Coke, Coke


That’s unusual - at least out here. A few years ago a deli owner explained to me that the companies were so competitive, they couldn’t even use paper cups that had the wrong name on them, let alone sell both brands.


Good heavens, no, it’s not a sin. The amount that is sold as a serving varies greatly from person to person, depending on how much ice goes in first. You had no intention to steal soda, the merchant didn’t suffer any significant loss - no harm, no foul.




Sin is something that is displeasing to God…

I would call call your situation a predicament…not a sin:shrug:


is what a sin? buying softdrinks full of caffeine, sugar, artificial colors and flavors? pouring out the product that was not as advertized on the machine? do you honestly think we have personal moral responsibility for every action done by every company or every individual employed by companies who provide the products and services we need or use in everyday life? that is scrupulosity run amok and warrants a serious discussion with a spiritual director.


No - pouring out a product that was what it said it was (albeit not a large amount), because I realized that it was owned by PepsiCo, and then refilling the entire cup with Coca-Cola.



Thanks, but I still think I’ll ask a priest. Just to be sure.



If what you wasted amounts to almost a full cup, then pay the casher next time for two pops and be done with it.

What’s wrong with Pepsi? give answer in a new thread.



Must have been a cheap operation. Most places I know that let you pour or draw your own allow refills as long as it is the same sitting. (Can’t come back in an hour for more.)

My observation would be that if you keep up with this kind of thinking you are going to have a miserable life until you lick the problem with scruples. Course Abe Lincoln went out of his way to get a man back his penny, but then in those days a penny bought a lot more.


If you thought it was a sin, it was probably a sin, but probably not the sin you thought it was.

I would say you commited the sin of trivializing sin, not the sin of “stealing”.

You DID lose a great opportunity to “convert” the “mighty overseerer of the beverage machine” though, by not explaining that you are Catholic and really felt compelled to explain to him why you “wasted” 3 cents worth of his product and would like his permission to either pay him back or recieve his forgiveness.

Mahalo ke Akua…!
E pili mau na pomaikai iaoe. Aloha nui.


Keikiolu - I think that you’re post was really disrespectful. I wasn’t attempting to trivialize sin. I was simply troubled (although now I could probably say for no reason since I talked to a priest about it).



I’m sure that you have an answer from a priest by now. I just wanted to add something. I worked at a place that sells fountain drinks. Those sugary drinks are so cheap, that the largest cup they sell holds less than half a penny of soda.

Fountain drinks were free (all you can drink) to employees. The cups that you get soda in are about 10 cents each and if one gets damaged it has to be recorded. That’s mainly what you are paying for, the cups. The soda is essentially worthless.

People waste the soda all the time. Sometimes the carbonation runs out and you just get syrup, sometimes the syrup runs out and you just get carbonated water. Sometimes you just accidentally get the wrong drink.

I think as long as you didn’t waste any cups in the process, you haven’t really stolen anything.

So, if it is a sin, how do you make restitution for it? It would be the monetary equivilent of stealing a couple of swallows of tap water.


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