Is this a Spanish Catholic bible?


I was looking for a free, Catholic friendly, spanish audio bible for some elderly woman that cannot read. As of now I am downloading the "Biblia de America 1994 Audio Drama New Testament" which I saw on amazon that it was Catholic, but Im not sure.

it's from

Please let me know, thank you
This is the one I am downloading.


Here’s a link to their “Partners”. Do you see any Catholic groups on the list?


It seems to me that is not a Catholic Bible. If you are getting a Spanish Bible I recommend you la Biblia latinoamericana or la Biblia de jerusalen. Those two are official catholic bibles. Bibles in Spanish need to have the diocesis seal, if they don’t they have been as protestants. If you want to be safe, use either one of those two.


I need an audio bible.

No, i didn’t look at their partners.

Anyone out there who can help me find a Catholic audio bible in Spanish?? Please? :o


Try this site:

God bless

jesus g


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