Is this adultery i dont know


i already went to confession but after confession I thought someone who is close to my age was attractive and I was thinking like oh I hope he asks me out and I saw he had a wedding ring and I was oh never mind cause I respect peoples marriages but im having trouble with this adultery thing if you think someone is attractive and you find out they are married is that adultery




I would try to not do that, but it is only an occasion of sin…be careful


No. It only becomes a sin of adultery if you keep thinking about the person romantically or sexually after you find out they are married.


so its a sin?


No, not a sin…yet


You would have to deliberately lust over this person and know you were doing it for it to be mortally sinful. Mortal sins are not easy to commit!


At this point, that you suggest. Is it not venial until acted upon?


Mortal sins are super easy to commit.


Really? It is easy to have full consent? You have to know you are doing wrong and really want to do. If you have any religious training at all, that isn’t easy.


It isn’t full consent it is deliberate consent and it is very easy to commit one.


We are human so thoughts like that are normal.
But Jesus did warn us against committing adultery “in the heart”.

Id say deliberately dwelling on and and nurturing those thoughts are very different than fleeting thoughts and the former is a lot more dangerous as far as sin is concerned.


Easy, also within our powers to not commit them too


Some of them are more alluring than others.


A quick sign of the cross and a prayer can help divert the mind, it helps me


Not denying that, penitent sinner here


Yea but I have ocd intrusive thoughts so I can’t control it that my mind keeps dwelling on it I just don’t know what to do anymore


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