Is this allowable Ciborium placement?

About 20 minutes prior to the start of Mass, I noticed that the choir director bowed as she passed the side table where the chalices and patens are keep for Mass. I realized that the ciborium was on that table and thought it out of place. After consecration, the priest retrieved the ciborium and filled the patens with already consecrated hosts. This saves the priest time from going to the Tabernacle(about 25’ away) to retrieve the ciborium. The priest does not have any physical limitations going to the Tabernacle. What are your thoughts on placing the ciborium outside the Tabernacle prior to Mass,.

The Eucharist is to be kept in the tabernacle unless there is some serious extenuating circumstance. This situation, a 25 feet walk for a healthy person, does not appear to be grounds for not following the proper rules for the reservation of the Eucharist.
There is a grave danger in keeping the consecrated hosts outside of the tabernacle as you describe: someone could mistake them for unconsecrated hosts and improperly dispose of them.

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