Is this allowed by the church?



Recently I learned about something called “Lucid Dreaming” which is basically your sub conscience is aware that you are dreaming and you are able to control what happens in the dream world. It takes time but it is learnable. It’s also scientifically proven. I thought it was interesting and wanted learn more about it, maybe even do it. While reading up on it I also read up on something called “Astral Projection” which in short assumes the existence of another body, separate from the physical body and capable of traveling non-physical planes, which also is supposedly “learnable”, although there is no real evidence to prove it’s real. While I had not read anything of the church being against lucid dreaming I did read some things about Astral projection it said “Astral Projection is a forbidden practice for Roman Catholics because the soul; containing all reason, thought, memories, emotion, attitudes, and beliefs; leaves the physical body during a wake state, and this can cause bizarre belief systems to develop, based on improperly interpreted sensations from the reality elevated from, and parallel to three dimensional reality.
The soul in an agnostic state; that is indifferent toward The Holy Trinity, or Triune God God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit; is left without protection, roaming the atmosphere, and perhaps some distance beyond this in a spiritual ghetto that surrounds the earth: The Third Heaven. The Third Heaven is ruled by spiritual hosts of wickedness in the high places, which will send demons to deceive those who will not keep to the domain of the world.
A human soul, when detached from the physical body, during a waking state, without the protection of The Roman Catholic God, Jesus Christ, is very vulnerable to molestation by demons.
Roman Catholics refer to escorted travel in the spiritual dimension, an anointing. Jesus Christ is The Anointed of God, Who, while in human form was constantly aware of All Truth, regardless of the shortcomings of the human sensory channels. He was, therefore, constantly in a state of Astral Projection, or anointing. The anointed of God will prophesy Truth directly from God, perform miraculous healings, order the atmosphere to obey them, stop rain from falling in a certain area, pass through solid objects, and/or become invisible when threatened.”

Is that just an opinion on Astral Projection or is it actually taught by the church? Also do you guys know anything about lucid dreaming and whether that’s forbidden? I really want to try it, but not unless it’s allowed by the church and not a sin or anything…



I dont see a problem with lucid dreaming or dream control. Astral Projection doesn’t exist. If one experiences it they are in all certainty merely DREAMING about leaving their body, not truly leaving their body. The idea of a soul leaving the body and being able to float around and still see and hear and such…makes no sense in the framework of Catholic theology.

So, I think lucid dreaming is fine if you’re moral (you still can’t have impure thoughts or anything like that). But the gnostic/spiritualist interpretation of it all that you quoted is not acceptable. It should not in anyway be confused with mysticism. It’s just a type of imagination or “virtual reality”…a mental phenomenon. But if you start thinking of it in terms of spirituality or “enlightenment” or anything like that…then it is dangerous.


I did my high school senior research project on this. I think as long as you keep w/in the boundaries of dreams it’ll be ok. But if you’re looking for something else in spiritualism, then that would be against the CC.


I haven’t read anything about it from the Church, but if I were you I would stay far away from that sort of stuff, it will only lead you in the wrong direction.


These sorts of exercises turn very easily into an open invitation to malicious persons, human and maybe even non-human, to exploit the seeker after strange experiences. You cannot achieve anything positive through trying to control your thoughts or dreams to enter a heightened sense of awareness, though you can create the illusion of wisdom.

These things can be scientifically investigated, and it is not wrong to do so. However unless you know a reasonable amount about psychology, it is unlikely that you could mount a serious investigation, just as you wouldn’t try to elucidate the structure of a protein without knowing anything about biochemistry.


Well the main reason I’m interested in this just because i’m going to attended college soon to get my assoiates in graphic design… I thought that lucid dreaming could help me get some creative ideas going/open my mind or something… experience something new. This isn’t for spiritual guidance. I 100% believe in my faith. I just want to be able to fly around in my dreams :thumbsup:

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