Is this allowed in the mass?

Later this morning the choir sung this song for Sanctus part.

Hossana Hossana Hossana in the highest
Lord we lift up your name
with hearts full of praise.
be exulted oh lord our God hossana in the highest.

Glory, glory glory to the king of kings
Lord we lift up your name
with hearts full of praise
be exulted o lord our God Glory to the king of Kings.

It sounds beautiful, but I don’t think it can be legitimately substituted. Someone else will know for sure.

No. Nobody is allowed to change the words of the Mass.

we sing this as the processional during Holy Week, beginning Palm Sunday, but not as a substitute for the Sanctus (which we sing in Latin during Lent, along with the Agnus Dei and Our Father, and Kyrie in Greek).

What is not allowed is that the Sanctus was not sung (or recited) at that Mass.

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