Is this allowed?

Our parish is getting ready to institute a new extended Eucharistic Adoration. To launch it, the plan is for the priest (with any parisioners who so desire following him) to walk around the block carrying the monstrance containing the Host. Is this allowed? I didn’t think the monstrance/Host could leave the church?

Yes, this is very much allowed. We have a great procession each year on Corpus Christi Sunday. We walk around an entire square block with the priest holding the monstrance high, altar servers with incense and candles and parishioners following. I think it’s really great your priest wants to begin adoration with such a procession.

Eucharistic Processions have kind of gone by the way-side over the past few decades, but for centuries before that, they were an important element of Catholic culture. It is customary to fall to one’s knees when one sees the Procession passing by one’s house, and for Catholics to line the streets, all on their knees, when they know a Procession is going to be passing by. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course.

Excellent way to begin!

I’ve only been in one Eucharistic Procession, and it was very meaningful. I hope that more and more parishes will do these.

what better way to bring Christ to the people than to actually take him out of the Church and to the people?

Eucharistic Processions are great

check this video out by Grassroots Films, the people who did Fishers of Men

yes used to be very common on feast of Corpus Christi, or to open 40 hours devotion. you might have to get city permission, however, depending on procession route.

God in the streets of NYC

Oh My Lord and My God!

God Bless your Holy Priest!!!

Eucharistic Procession has the power to CONVERT the hearts of the fallen away

amen! what wonderful news!!


Wonderful news. How fortunate for your parish.


I wish our parish would do this! You’re very blessed :slight_smile:

As others have said, they are very much allowed!:thumbsup: I would love to see this done in our parish. We are on a bypass so I don’t see us going through a neighborhood with Jesus, but we could walk around the parking lot!:smiley:

This is just awesome. I’m finding that the Catholic faith is so much more in-depth than I ever imagined. My children and I will look forward to participating in this even. Thanks so much for the responses and links - we’ve loved looking at them.

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