is this allowed?

during the passion, are lay members allowed to read certain parts?

our deacon read mainly the whole thing, our priest supplied the part of Jesus and a couple of other lay readers did the parts of peter and judas. and the crowd did the crowd as usual. i just don’t remember other lay members having specific parts before. i know usually they’re not alloowed to read the gospel which is why i was wondering

At my parish, the priest read the parts for Jesus, our lector read the narrator parts and I think it was an acolyte who read “the voice”… That’s how the parts are noted in the missal.

In the missal that was provided, it stated that lay people may read the narration and the parts for the disciples and such, but only the priest should read the part for Jesus if it is possible.

Same for us.

Yes this is allowed. Usually our parish has trained Lectors take up these parts, not someone randomly selected. I think this may be what you experienced???

  1. Always start with the assumption that your pastor and other involved clergy actually know what they’re doing.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate documents. If you haven’t done so, rely on #1 and set your mind at ease.

In this case the appropriate document is Paschalis Solemnitatis.

  1. The passion narrative occupies a special place. It should be sung or read in the traditional way, that is, by three persons who take the parts of Christ, the narrator and the people. The passion is proclaimed by deacons or priests, **or by lay readers. **In the latter case, the part of Christ should be reserved to the priest.
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