Is this altar sutitable for TLM Mass

If you can stand in front of it, it is. Not the ideal, perhaps, but then, neither is the hood of a Jeep, and the TLM has been said on THAT thousands of times.

Dont mind the no altar. Just the rest. Some in the parish are saying that that its not so there is no point in having a tlm.

Where I attend a monthly TLM, they MOVE the NO altar and celebrate on the itty-bitty old altar. The old altar was probably ‘reduced’ with the advent of the new NO ‘table’ – the books and cards practically fall off, there is so little room. But it WORKS!

Our Sancturay has not changes since v2 except they added a lecturn and altar table. The High altar is unchanged.

Somewhere on YouTube and also on these threads (do a search) is a link with priests and deacons “recreating” an ordinary altar for TLM. It takes the team about tenminutes to switch it out- of course, the time-lapse speeds things up a might. :slight_smile:

The high altar is just beautiful. :slight_smile:

I think this might be the video you’re referring to:

As has been pointed out, that’s fine. It’s many, many times more suited than my old parish where I used to attend the TLM. It basically was a four-legged table. But, as in the video Outinchgoburbs alluded to, they dressed it up nice :slight_smile:

This is the sanctuary of my parish church ST Elizabeth in Wilmington
The old Latin altar is seen at the top of the carpeted stairs.The v2
altar is seen in the middle of the sanctuary. If you move the v2 altar
and the platform used to add the v2 altar you would see wonderful marble steps(I hope)not seen by parishioners since the late 1960s.
Many parishioners have NEVER SEEN THOSE STEPS. I hope they are still there since sections of the wonderful marble altar rail were unceremoniously removed without consultation from parishioners
when the rail was deemed unnecessary by v2.
Ps hopefully the pic can be seen

Same flick, different link:

Is the NO altar too heavy to lift out of the way of the EU altar? That would be my first idea.

Question: Are you allowed to simply move the Novus Ordo table/altar as if it were a piece of ordinary (no pun intended) furniture?

Our altar would be too heavy but you can clearly see the high altar from it.

I assume so. The church where I attend TLM in Houston does just that. I can’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t - they aren’t running around with it or anything.

Well there is no need to either. But that’s cause for the Classical Use I attended, there was a big space between the High Altar and the Novus Ordo altar, so all the liturgical actions had enough room.

Are you kidding me? If only most parishes had a beautiful high altar like that! It would a sin to not have TLM masses at your parish :smiley:

If the NOM table and banners are movable or can be put down my answer will be a definite YES! Your church is beautiful I wish we have some beautiful altars left here because not all churches here has high altar anymore it can only be counted by a hand.


Instaurare omnia in Christo

Just check with the Parish Priest or the Rector first. No need to ruffled feathers unnecessarily either.

The Chairwomen of the Liturgy Council has stated that she will not allow a dated Mass like to TLM be said anymore. Needless to say that I have reported to the Pastor and the Superior of the House.


Lord have mercy

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