Is this an abuse?

So today at Mass during communion we were receiving under both the body and blood of Christ. I saw a woman receive the Holy Eucharist in her hand and then walked over to the Deacon who was giving out the Precious Blood. The Deacon lowered the cup so that the woman could dip the Eucharist in the Precious Blood before consuming it. I thought that was not allowed. Can you confirm and give me where it is stated so. I would like to approach the Deacon regarding this if it is an abuse. Thank you.

USCCB’s Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion Under Both Kinds in the Dioceses of the United States (emphasis added):

  1. Holy Communion may be distributed by intinction in the following manner: “Each communicant, while holding a Communion-plate under the mouth, approaches the Priest who holds a vessel with the sacred particles, with a minister standing at his side and holding the chalice. The Priest takes a host, intincts it partly in the chalice and, showing it, says: ‘The Body and Blood of Christ.’ The communicant replies, ‘Amen,’ receives the Sacrament in the mouth from the Priest, and then withdraws.”
  1. The communicant, including the extraordinary minister, is never allowed to self-communicate, even by means of intinction. Communion under either form, bread or wine, must always be given by an ordinary or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.
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