Is this an appropriate song for Holy Week?

My choir started practicing “Drink the Wine, Eat the Bread” to sing during Holy Week. This bothers my conscience. Should it?

I could not find a song by that title through Google, so I am unable to review the lyrics to see if it teaches consubstantiation rather than transubstantiation. If, after reviewing the lyrics, you believe it does teach consubstantiation, I recommend talking to your choir director about it. Sometimes even orthodox choir directors simply do not realize that a particular song does not reflect Church teaching on the Eucharist. I found this out when I, as a congregant and not a choir member, pointed out to a choir director that “Supper of the Lord” reflected consubstantiation. To the best of my knowledge, that choir has not used that song since. If your choir director is not open to discussion of the song you are concerned about, take a copy of the lyrics to your pastor and discuss it with him.

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