Is this an example of scandal?

For example, if I stay up until 2-3am watching television, would this scandalize my family in any way? Like I highly doubt they’re gonna imitate my actions but still, would it cause scandal?

I’m sorry, can you clarify why you think staying up late watching TV is something immoral?

That’s not the part I was referring to. What I mean is the scandal it may cause, like perhaps my siblings noticed it and they imitate me and neglect their schoolwork as a result?

Sorry, let me rephrase the question: If I habitually stay up late watching TV, might this be a cause of scandal to my family? Like maybe younger siblings notice what I’m doing and they imitate me as a result?

No, but it might annoy the heck out of your parents.:stuck_out_tongue: Peace.

Being a night owl a sin? Never thought of that one in the confessional. Suppose it could be a bad influence on others but I don’t know that one could call it a “scandal.”

I’m not referring to the actual action of being a night owl, I’m referring to the possible scandal it may cause. The question I’m asking is whether that might be scandal in anyway.

So what is it that you believe scandal to be?

Kind of I guess. I read up abit and it said that scandal promotes bad behaviour. Stuff like adultery, abortion, etc is of course scandal towards others but I was wondering whether even less serious actions such as my example is considered ‘‘scandal’’ or not

Edit: Sorry misread your question. At the moment, to me, scandal is anything that promotes bad behavior, as stated by the Catechism: 2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil.

That isn’t what scandal is.

Scandal is itself grave matter, by action or omission deliberately leading someone to do something of grave matter.

“Staying up to watch tv” isn’t grave matter. It doesn’t deliberately lead someone to commit an act of grave matter. It’s a non-thing.

I would encourage you to get some spiritual counsel from your pastor if you are having difficulty understanding scandal.

Thanks 1ke, I understand scandal a lot better now. Just one more question, would it be scandal if it counts toward causing someone to commit grave matter at a later date? E.g my siblings start to stay up late watching TV, failing their exams, can’t graduate etc

it has to be something serious, and reasonable that you led them in to sin

for example, if you started giving your underage siblings alcohol to get them frunk. or went out to strip clubs then bragged about how cool it was and they followed suit

it’s not something that is not sinful and it’s not people making assumptions on your behaviour that aren’t true.

if you think you staying up watching tv late is going to give your parents difficulty with your siblings, you can try not to do it. but it’s not at the level of sin or scandal


Failing their exams isn’t a grave sin. Failing in school will hurt their college chances, but it will not send them to hell.

Grave sin are sins that would objectively be considered Mortal Sins… You know, breaking the Ten Commandments.

Now, if your parents were telling you to go to bed, and you were dishonoring them, and breaking the Ten Commandments… then that would be scandalous if your younger siblings saw that and started to imitate your behavior.

Another example: let’s say after college, you decide to move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend (sorry, I’m not sure if you a male or female). That would be scandal because you are sending the message that living together isn’t sinful. And I know from personal experience, that this can have a major ripple affect on all your younger siblings and cousins.

I pray this helps.

God Bless

My thought is to say why not spend some of that time praying? The whole world needs that badly.



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