Is this an issue?

I apologize if this is a stupid question… but I was wondering… if a man has never dated before and is considering a vocation to the priesthood would that possibly pose any issues?

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Yes, they want to know that a man has a normal heterosexual orientation, and is not considering the Priesthood because of hidden fears, or secret motives.

Not nescessarily a problem tho… Such may not preclude the individual frome the Priesthood if there is a ture desire for the Priesthood and one can adhere successfully to the strictures…

i would think the psych profile would be a better indicator than whether or not a person has dated…
would this be the same for a virgin considering becoming a nun???

I don’t see why it would.

Its an issue if it is an issue for you. A lot of the things people consider issues in religious life / the priesthood really depend on the person and the way they have dealt with the particular issue. Christ calls all different people with different relationships, cultures, perspectives, education, socioeconomic status… I know some of my sisters dated before they entered the convent and others didn’t. Both did the right thing because both were different people.

The best way to figure it out is to have a good spiritual director to work through these things with. They can help you see things in yourself that you may not realize or they can support things you have already decided.

While that is, in part, true, the Church will accept men for Seminary training if they have experienced homosexual desires in the past but have not acted on them for at least 4 or 5 years prior to beginning training for the priesthood. One would imagine that a man in such a position would certainly be more closely monitored during his training, but the rules clearly stated - in the UK at least when I was applying for the Seminary 6 years ago - that 4 to 5 years chastity in such matters was required before going forward with the application.

Great question Zac! It is awesome for a young man to be “pure” as he enters seminary (or a young woman entering the convent for that matter). There is nothing wrong with it and it poses no obstacles. And of course, it is a sign of great responsibility and maturity to avoid dating when you are considering priesthood/religious life.

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Fr. Scott, AVI

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