Is this angry thought a mortal sin?

I was reading stuff today on how people support abortion and I started to think about how some people go as far as to hate people who have large families on the basis that it’s “harmful to the planet” and “irresponsible”. For some reason my mind was led to thinking of a situation where a large family is walking down the street when a passerby, seeing the large family, stops to harass them for their “irresponsibility”.

I then thought about what I would do: shove the person against a wall and give them a harsh, strict lecture demanding that they leave the family alone. I’m really tired right now and get easily riled-up by hot topic issues, hence this mental response. I’d never do this in real life because I’m not this type of person. Nonetheless I recall that when I was thinking this thought I had to actually stop myself from taking it any further, although I seem to recall actively thinking of what I would do next, what I would say, etc.

Did I mortally sin?

People who behave as you describe are boorish and ignorant. If you were caught up in the moment and were not conscious of the three conditions to commit a mortal sin, you didn’t:

CCC1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: “Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.”

I’d still bring it up when you go to confession.

I came from a large family, my daughter has a large family and I have a sharp tongue. No doubt I would have said something uncharitable to them in response to thier comment(s) were I there.

God Bless,

Iowa Mike

Keep in mind that this was a thought, not an actual occurrence. I’ve always assumed that thoughts could be mortal but I’m very confused about what happened and I don’t know what’s what.

As a general rule, passing thoughts are seldom sinful. A really nasty thought can occur as part of an emotional response, and when one realizes it has occurred, one can deal with it by dismissing it. That would not likely be sinful.

Dwelling on it, or purposefully conjuring it, can provide opportunities to cross the boundary into sinful thought. Thoughts that just happen do not fulfill the requirement for deliberate consent. Dwelling on them, or nurturing them, though, is a deliberate act.



Ok when I say “Go” don’t think about MONKEYS!


What did you think about? Monkeys. For a sin to be mortal it has to be deliberate. Carry on your way :slight_smile:

A person can commit a mortal sin through thought. The three conditions in my ealier mail must be present; It must be a grave matter, you must know it is a grave matter and do it with full consent of the will (do it anyway). If these three conditions are present, it is a mortal sin.

Think about sins against purity…or mentally wishing something horrible we befall another person, etc. etc.

God Bless,

Iowa Mike

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