Is this any kind of sin and if so is it venial or mortal?

I was asked to read and be a special minister at Church and I was told afterwards that I shouldn’t do that as it’s not allowed and it is in my special ministry book. Anyway we were talking for a good five minutes about why this happened and both agreed that special ministers at our parish fail to telephone when they cannot make mass, part of a bigger problem I guess.

Anyway, our friend was passing and I quipped that “I’ve just been told off for reading and ministering”. It was at this remark that I got " take that back", “I did not tell you off”. I responded with " their is nothing wrong with correcting someone, is that not what you were doing?" And they replied “I beg your pardon” and I said “I’m not being aggressive”, " forgive me, if I upset you" and they said “forgiveness is not required”. Before they went I tried to explain by saying " when I grew up, in my family it was ok to be blunt".meaning me. It was at this that they said “and you think I am being blunt and walked away”

I know I upset them, but also I was upset too by being corrected for something I was told to do.

What do you think?

I don’t think you committed any sin, really. I think that it’s the easiest thing in the world to hurt someone’s feelings but it’s not a good thing to do. If I were you, I’d make an effort to improve your relations with her, even though you may feel that really don’t want to, or would prefer her to make the first move. Personally I’d apologise because we have to be bigger than the situation. She was clearly very defensive, so I reckon it’s down to you to make the first move.

It’s important that we strive for unity and to show love, even though we may not feel that we wronged the other person… or didn’t intend to hurt them.


Sometimes being blunt is too much and the other party takes offense. I am often guilty of being blunt and have to watch myself in what I say and how I say it. When you converse with someone you don’t know well you need to be diplomatic in sharing. Your post seems to be a bit flippant and the other party may have a touch of jealousy. I guess neither one of you were very tactful. My advice: Ask Father in confession. You know that old TV show? “Father Knows Best.”

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Big misunderstanding. Forgive the person, move on, and if you think you had an uncharitable thought about them, you can confess it as a venial sin if you like.

If you meant no harm and the other person decided to get all affronted over basically nothing, it doesn’t mean you committed a sin. Also, I’m not sure why you think this type of petty stuff would be mortal sin, unless you laid awake all night mentally disemboweling the person in a fit of rage.

You might be careful dealing with them in future as they have shown them self to be sensitive. Be extra nice to them next time you have to speak with them.


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