Is this apologetics site for real?

Following links can lead you down the rabbit hole… :frowning:

I visited the following site because it was highly recommended on others (out of charity, I’m not naming them; they had no errors on theirs.)

And came across this garbage:

Blessed Pope John Paul II, who will be a Saint soon, was “demonic”? And a liar?

This sounds more like something Jack Chick would write.

With “apologists” like this, who needs enemies? :crying:

Looks like John Salza has officially gone 100% insane.

I read, in this link,

My presentation is entitled “How Seven Popes Failed to
Consecrate Russia” and is a very brief summary of one of
the chapters in my new book (co-authored with Robert
Sungenis) called “The Consecration of Russia – How
Seven Popes Failed to Heed Heaven’s Command and
Brought Turmoil to the Church and the World.”

I can only suppose that this is absolute nonsense (in both content and attribution).

Further reading has shown me that there’s a lot of worthy material on that site, but to mix that with stuff like this is both misleading and dangerous.

I agree that some of Bl. John Paul’s ecumenical actions may have been hard to swallow for some. But claiming that he “exposed himself to demonic influence” is a bit too much. :mad::mad:

And to claim that Pius XI, Pius XII, Bl. John Paul XXIII, Ven. Paul VI, Bl. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI were all involved in spiritual negligence and wrong-doing is simply beyond the limits of credulity. :frowning:

Google has a note about this web page that says “this site may have been hacked”. Apparently a hacker has gone in and changed things. Since this is a reputable site, probably what you found is not from the author but added by a Catholic-hating hacker!

Oh, that’s good news!

This must be a pretty vicious and targeted hacking attack - if they can even upload fake PDFs and announcement of fake books, then CAF should also be careful! :eek:

I googled the book title and purported authors, and it appears to be a real book, saying seven Popes have failed as in the subtitle. Numerous sites reference the book, either positively or negatively. RPRPsych, can you check out what’s going on?

The author of the site, John Salza, started out pretty credible and slowly drifted into more and more degrees of nonsense.

He also believes the sun orbits the earth, I think.

I’ve done further research, and here’s what I found:

  • The book is listed as a genuine publication on the co-author (Robert Sungenis)'s Wikipedia page. However, anyone can edit Wikipedia.
  • The only other references to the book are on the “Fatima Crusader” site and on the Fish Eaters forum; I can’t find it on Amazon or any other online book store.

Looks like a hoax, but I can’t be sure. :confused:

I assure you that the author of the site and its books are not a hoax.

Both the authors appear to be ultra traditional. They argue for a young earth creationism and geocentricism. There is at least one thread on CAF concerning their views.

However, doing a search on Mr. Salza turns up some “odd” web page titles attributed to his site which does indicate tampering of some kind.

Still, the article cited in the OP appears to be a chapter from their book.

If that’s true, that’s sad, but I’m getting conflicting information on this - and Google does say that the site may have been hacked. :confused:

I’ve also looked up John Salza himself, and all I can find are pages from a sedevacantist site criticizing him, as well as some well-researched articles by him criticizing Freemasonry (which is quite orthodox and correct).

His book page on Amazon does not have this alleged “book” about the failure of seven popes:

If anyone is acquainted with him, perhaps he should be warned! :eek:

I believe the book was for sale on amazon earlier this year, in any case, you can buy a copy of it from his website. The book has been out for a while now.

Those of you that have read one of his books might have been able to see the direction this was going in.

Here is a youtube lecture on this very subject that he has, where he attacks all the recent popes:

In addition, by searching youtube you can find talks by him about how masons and communists are now running the Catholic Church, and on the errors and heresies of the Second Vatican Council.

Oh dear… :crying:


Well, then, let everyone reading this thread consider themselves warned, and avoid this site unless it’s for research purposes. :frowning:

John Salza’s website features a photograph of himself with Bishop Fellay on the Catholic Tradition page and has the following verbiage on the home page.

Because modernism is the “synthesis of all heresies,” the Church is currently suffering its greatest crisis in history, and the restoration of the Church will occur only when Catholics return to the Faith as it was taught and lived before the disastrous Second Vatican Council.

He goes on to call the Second Vatican Council “treasonous” and says that the Ordinary Form of the Mass “contravenes the will of God.” He believes that Scripture should be taken literally unless there is a compelling reason not to, states that this is what St. Augustine wrote, and draws the conclusion therefor from Scripture that the earth is the literal center of the universe, that it stands still and that the whole universe rotates about the earth.

People can make up their own mind on what he teaches and says and whether they want to follow this man. I’m looking elsewhere.


Good work on your part. With this new information, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. Certainly this site should be avoided!

I feel that I must weigh in here…

I have read and own a couple of Mr. Salza’s books (The Biblical Basis for the Papacy, and The Biblical Basis for the Eucharist) and found them to be VERY helpful in learning about and defending those aspects of our faith.

This link here: has been of invaluable help to me as well.

I do NOT agree with everything Mr. Salza has to say, but he’s very good at citing scriptural evidence for Catholic teachings and doctrines. That being said; I think a discerning Catholic should be capable of seeing what is valuable from that site, and what is not. However, I will stop posting links to that site on this forum. I’m afraid a non-Catholic, or a badly catechized Catholic might get the wrong idea about a few things.

I think we should pray for him. He means well.

I’m not a Catholic. I’m just kind of distressed that anybody gets caught up in conspiracy theory type stuff.

This must be why I saw it recommended on other sites.

His material on some issues, such as contraception, is excellent. It’s unfortunate that he’s decided to ride the “Semi-Sedevacantist” gravy train. Praying for him.

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