Is this Appropriate (Choir Questions)?

I already have my opinion but I wanted to make sure I’m not off base before approaching the parish about this.

Our Knights of Columbus council is trying to get more involved in the parish. Which is great! We are getting some younger blood in control and they are doing great things.

However, one of the things they are wanting to do, as a surprise birthday present to our priest, is have the Knights of Columbus fill the choir this Sunday during mass.

I feel that this will be a distraction at mass and take the focus off of the sacrifice of the mass. And I don’t feel it is something that should be done and especially that the Knights should endorse.

The purpose of the choir is to pray the mass. They are not their for our, the laity’s, entertainment.

What do you guys say?


I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s a one time thing for a surprise birthday present to the priest. It’s not like you’re going to do it every week.

My only concern would be if the choir is in a choir loft and this “filling” is going to jam too many people up there to the point where it causes a hazard to life and limb.


Talk to the choir director, first.

At our parish the Knights have monthly “Corporate Communion”. They have pews reserved together for the Knights and their families, they all sit together at Mass. Perhaps this would be more fitting.


As long as the men sing, I got no problem with it!

Heh, you get some odd secondary uses in a parish with a choir loft. Wedding photographers and videographers. Priests who want to attend Mass “in choro” but want to stay out of sight so they can pray. People with anxiety, or vengeful ex-girlfriends, who know they can creep upstairs and fill an empty seat without being stared at.

Having so many choir areas that are fully visible, in newish parishes, has kinda reduced the secondary uses. Now people have to lurk at a distance, or even outside, because there’s no convenient pillars or weird side areas, either. Modern architecture hates introverts.

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I guess I’m just more traditional. EVERYTHING that happens in the mass should be ordered to worship.
I also don’t like when we clap during mass because it is taking the focus off of the worship of God and the sacrifice of the mass.

I realize I might be in the minority on this but I take mass very seriously and entertainment is the last thing that should be on our mind at mass


I have very fond memories of my hometown parish choir loft. Especially performing with the elementary school choir on Christmas and me and my friend C would sneak into the hall during the homily and very very quietly chat and show off the new doodads we got from our parents for Christmas gifts.

Also at the hometown St Patrick’s Parish that has the big St Patrick’s Mass with the pipe band. People are allowed to go up in the choir loft for a better view, which is fine until it gets really jam packed crowded standing room only. I worry about someone going over the edge or having part of the well-over-100-year-old railing give way.

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Getting along in a fraternal organization like K of C sometimes means you compromise a little bit on your preferences when the concern is not that important. Pick your battles.

Part of the benefit of these groups is learning to get along and do things as a group.


Maybe the surprise birthday gift could be presented at some time other than during Mass.


Thats the thing though…I consider the mass as the most important thing we do. So calling this “not that important” is kind of insulting as a Catholic
Proper worship way way way outweighs getting along as a group

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Then I would gently suggest maybe the K of C, at least at this parish, is not for you. You might want to see if there is a more traditionalist parish nearby with a chapter you could join.


That seems a little extreme but thanks for the suggestion.

If they are going to sing and not perform some kind of stunt, why would it be distracting?


Another idea, could the Knights present Father with a Spiritual Bouquet?

Did I miss something? What exactly are they planning on doing?


Having 30 guys that don’t sing in the choir is a stunt imo.
The laity will see it as such and will be distracting.
Personally, I’ll be going to a different mass this weekend do to it b/c I know what a distraction it will be…


singing during mass without training

No one is required to be “trained” to sing at Mass. As long as the choir director is okay with it, I fail to see the problem (I’d hope that the men would decide to join the choir full time!!).


How do you know they don’t have training? There are a few brothers in my council who sing very well. It’s not like they are doing a concert…I guess I don’t see the issue.


B/c we are a bunch of old men that don’t sing in the choir and we aren’t training before signing in the choir.
And you are right, it isn’t a concert. That would be acceptable.

Masss is a time for worship, not stunts. Untrained personnel should not be in the choir. and the choir should not be used for a publicity stunt or entertainment.

You realize that in the Church, those words are synonymous with “I would like to volunteer and pay for…”
fill in the blank.

I want more organ, so "I am willing to help pay for the $50,000 clinkers it takes to get a classical music degree with a specialty in Church organ, and I am volunteering to organize and participate in music ministry in the parish. “”

You have to be careful when you say “I don’t like…” cause the Church needs fresh initiative and the resources to pay for good stuff.

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