Is This Appropriate in Confession


So I’ve posted here about struggling with knowing if a sin was detraction. Today I’m planning to go to confession about some related issues. Well; today I’m hoping that the priest may give me some advice to help. Would it be appropriate to ask for this? Aslo, could I explain the situation in whcih I committed the sins in question in the hope that he’ll give some general pointers on my discernment of these sins? I do plan on meeting with him directly, but it may be in a couple weeks, so am I able to use confession for some general help? I feel like I need it, but I don’t want to abuse the sacrament.


I’m not sure about what’s appropriate or not, but I’ve gotten some good advice at confession before. I can’t remember if I blatantly asked for advice, but I may have.


It is completely acceptable to ask questions about what is a sin in confession, and to explain the situations in which a sin may have occurred. To avoid holding up the confessional and to help the priest get to the issue I would recommend that you prepare your question before hand (but it doesn't need to be like a script). Also I recommend that you confess any certain sins first before asking about the questionable ones.

I have done this quite often, and with quite a few different priests and never had any objections from them, and often received excellent advice which has cleared up something which has been troubling me for a while. My feeling is that they sometimes like a chance to think, give priestly advice, and be helpful.


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