Is this appropriate


I am starting a blog on my adventures in Catholic apologetics and was thinking of signing my posts with “+Quatsch” instead of the usual “-Quatsch”

Is this appropriate…I know that in the missals it represents making the sign of the Cross, but I would just like it to be a reminder for myself (moreso than whoever happens to read it) that I desire to strive in each post to be faithful to Christ and his gift to us on the Cross.




Actually I am smiling at the name you have. Quatsch is the German word for rubbish.


Haha, yes…I am well aware :slight_smile: I chose it when I first started taking German classes 10 years ago and it’s been my handle ever since! I usually think of it translated as ‘nonsense’ instead of ‘rubbish’ though :slight_smile:


Yes its rubbish meaning nonsense.


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