Is this bad and weird?


I don’t know where else to ask this but I decided this was the best place. I really don’t like taking pictures and I try avoiding taking any. Unless it’s from my camera phone – bc no flash , I usually always look so pale and I don’t like the way I look in pictures. I have lots when I was younger, but I feel weird because everyone is always taking pictures and I hate taking them. Do any of you think this is a big deal?


No, you are fine. I dont smile for pictures. The amish I know, dont like theirs taken either. you just have a personal preference is all. Relax. and try to enjoy life. K? Peace :slight_smile:


If you hate pictures becuase you simply think that they don’t look good, it’s one thing. \

However, many people who avoid pictures are VERY annoying about it and have some OCD/phobia/nuttiness/insecurity that should be addressed by a trained professional.


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I don't know where else to ask this but I decided this was the best place. I really don't like taking pictures and I try avoiding taking any.
Do any of you think this is a big deal?


you are asking on the morality forum if it is a big deal not to take pictures or have your picture taken? Is this a trick question?


I can see that you find this a pressure and a dilemma. I have a grandson who hates having his picture taken. You obviously feel conflicted, perhaps because you wish to please, yet at the same time you don’t want to take part in photos.
I tend to photoshop the color somewhat in my photos that include my youngest son as his skin doesn’t tan but shows as slightly reddish and that bothers him.

You’re no alone in disliking to be in photos…but it is also possibly the case that you are hard on yourself and that those who love you and like you do like you just as you are! :slight_smile:
I realize you put your post here because you may wonder if the fact that you internally fight against others taking photos of you is uncharitable, therefore is for you a moral issue.


Just remember that someday when you’re old and after that when you’re gone, your family who loves you will wish there were at least a few pictures of you when you were young. Try to let a few be taken for your family’s sake. It’s a kindness to future generations.


A lot of people don't like posing for/taking pictures. I don't. However, I do let some pictures be taken of me, for as baltobetsy says, the sake of my children. I think the issue is more of a case of insecurity than like a sin against charity or anything. It is not 'bad' or 'weird'- don't worry about it! Otherwise, you are making it more of a problem than it should be. :)


Word of advice...

If you REALLY want to make yourself look bad in photos, make a concerted effort to avoid the camera.

I finally told a few family members that I have several photos of them (and other people) that would have looked great had they not been caught trying to duck out of the frame or covering their faces or showing by their expressions that they didn't want their picture taken. On the other hand, I have several photos that I took of these same people when they were unaware that a camera was around and these pictures turned out wonderful.

This is my two cents' worth... from the family member who will always be remembered by my absence in pictures, since I'm always BEHIND the camera instead of in front of it!


It's not weird or wrong. It's your choice. If someone else don't like it, that's their problem, not yours. Don't worry about it. And don't give in unless YOU want to.


I’m so with you on this OP.

I can’t stand having my pictures taken. Because sadly most people don’t know how to take a good picture AND I’m not very photogenic. It’ so bad that I’ve learned how to take some pretty good photos. And my friends always let me, because they know I will be kind and ditch anything that gives them an extra chin, or adds way more weight than they really are…

The flash thing… I can not under any circumstances keep my eyes open. Not gonna happen. I argued with my wedding photographer to PLEASE figure out some shots without a flash. He told me people didn’t know how to take pictures… then he ended up throwing out more than half my album because he wouldn’t listen. :shrug:

Here’s MY SUGGESTION. Get yourself snapped OUTSIDE in natural day light. No flash necessary. And your family can have those photos. No one is entitled to pictures of you that make you sad…


I like pictures but not of myself so it not so weird really.


I always look strange in photos and everyone else seems to look good. It’s worse if I try to smile. Look —> :o, that’s my best smile.


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