Is this baptism valid?

I need help in knowing how to proceed in this case. A few years ago in a casual conversation at a social gathering in our parish, an acquaintance of mine, a practicing Catholic who has been active in the parish for some 40 years or so now, was recalling his baptism. He was brought up in a Protestant family who delayed his baptism until he was something like 13 years old. But at that time, he says, he didn’t want to be baptized (although earlier in his childhood he may have been more agreeable). Basically, his parents insisted on it and he was baptized. He entered the Catholic Church later on with a profession of Faith after he married a Catholic wife, and he has been an active Catholic ever since. I am thinking, was this baptism valid? Should anything be said? This question apparently has never occurred to them. Does it enjoy the presumption of validity much as a marriage would? Would the age of this minor doing what his parents told him to do even against his will make any difference? I really don’t know what was going on in anyone’s mind at the time or what was done at the time of his entering the Church. Is this any of my business? Need anything be said, or do we leave it alone?

I would definitely have him talk with his priest.

I cannot find anything in the Code of Canon Law.

But in another book that is a Companion of Canon Law states:

The recipient of baptims, if an adult, must have the intention of receiving baptism. This applies to anyone who has sufficient use of reason to choose baptism on one’s own.
A baptism performed against the will of a person would be invalid.

So I would have them visit with their parish priest.

I’m not suggesting that you say or don’t say anything . However a few general comments.

SBC Baptism is generally valid, however each case should be looked into. A person baptized in the SBC would not enter into Catholic union by just a profession of faith. But would in addition to a Profession of Faith, be encouraged to receive Reconciliation and be required to be Confirmed and receive Holy Communion.

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