Is this “being strangled” feeling normal?


Hi all!

Lately I’ve been noticing something strange. I’ve got this new Friend but I’m feeling very scared of losing my new Friend. So every time I talk or think about my Friend, I feel some pressure on my throat. I’m not sure if this is a sign from God telling me not to be friends with this person, or is it my anxiety, or something more sinister?

Please clarify!


No need to offer specific treatment, just a general outline would do!


It’s more than likely just your body’s physical response to being anxious over losing that friend. You’re nervous. I get the same feeling when I think about doctor visits.

Always rule out all natural explanations before jumping to supernatural conclusions.


Is there a specific reason that you capitalized the word “Friend” twice in your post? The unusal capitalization gives the impression that there is something “different” about this friend.


Sorry it’s my iPhone auto capitalisation.

It’s just a friend.


I perceive you might be experiencing a psychosomatic symptom of anxiety but I’m not a doctor so I can’t say that for certain.

You should get checked up with a general practitioner than see if they refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

At any rate users are really not supposed to ask medical questions on the forum and Catholic Answers Forums along with WebMD and Mayo Clinic are not the places to ask these questions.


I agree that anxiety is the most likely explanation


I’m puzzled that iPhones would auto-capitalize regular words mid-sentence. (I’ve never owned an iPhone.)

Anyway, when thoughts of a certain someone consistently cause unpleasant physical feelings, that’s definitely a sign that something is not quite right. Is there anything unusual about this friend and the friendship? You wrote that you are “very scared of losing him/her”. Why?

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