Is this blasphemy?

Sorry to be disturbing anyone on this fine Easter.
I have a tendency to think of really bad thoughts at the worst possible times. Whether these thoughts are voluntary or not, I always try to block them out of my head.

During Easter Vigil before receiving communion, I remember thinking to myself, “All it takes is one mortal sin to take me out of a state of grace”. For some reason I thought of a blasphemous thought, but I quickly blocked it out of my head.

So did I commit a sin? I really hope that is not the case because these bad thoughts happen too often.

It sound to me like you may have some compulsions in this area. Scrupulosity perhaps.

You need to seek the assistance of a spiritual director to help you discern and deal with this.

You likely did not sin mortally. Talk to your priest about these frequent thoughts of committing mortal sins.

No. You have to consent to the bad thought for it to become sinful. If you fight against it, it is not sinful.

God Bless and Happy Easter!

I don’t think this is blasphemous by Catholic standards, but I really do think you should see a therapist. It seems like you’ve got a lot on your mind.

I remember having compulsive thoughts similar to what you described. You get used to it, :shrug: but you can never go wrong with therapy. :slight_smile:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

No. Beware of being scrupolous

I suffer from the same thing. It’s kind of like Obsessive compulsive disorder. Like a form of it. Obsessional. There more like images than thoughts in a way. They are thoughts because weather you want to our not you mind is focusing on them. But i say images because they pop into your head. This is not your fault. Understand that your mind is working against you. People have also mentioned scrupulousness. I find it hard to believe that a person with this problem is really at fault at all but you should talk to a priest. Don’t be embarrassed. Remember that you have to mention these things in order for people to help you. You confide in the priest. But you should s mention scrupulousness. This problem could become scrupulous when you believe that you are doing something wrong when you aren’t. The priest can help with that.

You didn’t sin. This happens to me all the time. Say a prayer (excellent way to stop bad thoughts) and move on.

This is a classic symptom of scrupulosity; an affliction which is suffered by many (often holy) Christians. When this happens do not try and respond to this invasive thought just carry on and receive communion. By doing this you are showing that your trust in God’s love for you negates the wiles of Satan who will stop at nothing to keep you from the peace you deserve.

No. We do not always have control over the crazy thoughts that “pop” into our heads. As long as you don’t act on them, they’re not sinful. Maybe just the devil’s way of tempting you. Temptation is not sin.

A general rule is, if the thought disgusts you or gives you anxiety, then it was an unforced thought and not in the slightest bit sinful. You seem to be bothered by the thought, so I wouldn’t worry. Sins of blasphemy are directed to those who think such thoughts out of hatred of God.

You could be over critical of youself. Now I do not expect an answer to these questions. Just think to yourself. Do you have a "spititual advisor? Have you made a weekend retreat? I try to hit a monistary about once a year. Sometimes there is a monk there that is good at such things.

Don’t kick yourself any harder that Jesus would :wink: Just from your breif post it looks like you are doing all the kicking & Jesus is smiling with his arms around you saying “It’s OK , I love you anyway” :smiley:

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