Is This Book Ok for Catholic to Read

Hi all ~ my apologies If I posted in wrong section.

As a Catholic I am aware of how important that we read books that are in line with out doctrine and if they are not we read with a very discerning perspective on what fits and one doesn’t.

With that in mind any thoughts on the following book: Adventuring Through The Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible by
Ray C. Stedman ?

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C. M. ><>

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Every book is OK for you to read. For if you cannot withstand different ideas, you need to question your faith. Just be aware of the biases in what you are reading.


Not exactly. The index of forbidden books still holds moral force even if not legal. If a book contains material that may increase doubts then Catholics are advised to not read them. That is different for everybody. And then some like porn we are not allowed to read.

My first hint would be the misleading title. It omits books from the “entire” Catholic canon. Which protestant version of the bible is used as a base for this work is another question… I didn’t look that far into it.

I would advise strong discernment. I don’t think that utilizing such works is forbidden. However, it is certainly not encouraged. May I offer an alternative?

The focus is on the OT, but does well bridging the NT, where applicable. Feel free to message me if you are looking for other ideas.

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Well I’m educated and I will read them all the more if they are forbidden…I’m not so feeble minded that I cannot determine the validity of what I read.

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Cool, but this thread is not about you. The OP may be feeling vulnerable or perhaps wishes to spend precious, limited time focusing on the most worthwhile resources.


On the contrary, to a person of faith certain ideas may and should be repulsive. If there is crisis of faith, it should be nurtured, not questioned. Respectfully, for an “educated” person, you don’t seem to offer charitable guidance.

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Then you are aware of the biases and you can put down the book. I don’t read what I find repulsive, but it doesn’t mean that if I read a repulsive sentence I’ll be damned for eternity. The person is asking about a bible commentary. Just how repulsive can that be? If y’all want to close your minds off for eternity and come across as closed minded people, whenever your faith is questioned instead of having a response that may in fact change someone’s mind, then by all means, ban books.

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Dude you started with a blanket statement. That required a response.

To the OP, ThomasMT gave some great advice.

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Thank you everybody.

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