Is this considered a mortal or a grave sin?


Is masturbation without lustful feelings or pornography (just for the sake of relieving stress and pain in your sexual organ) still a mortal sin ? I completely agree with all of the Catholic Teachings on sexuality but what about this ?

Also, is a habituation or an addiction to masturbation under the above mentioned circumstances a mortal sin ? And suppose if the person is working towards eliminating this ill-habit (which won’t happen in a jiffy, for sure), can he still receive Communion ?

Thanks in advance !


Masturbation is always gravely immoral and always a mortal sin if the conditions are present for a mortal sin. Grave matter, knowledge of grave matter, and consent of the will. Masturbation is intrinsically evil so no intention or circumstances can make a evil moral object(masturbation) a moral one.


There is no loophole. It’s always a grave matter.

Talk to your priest about mitigating circumstances.


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