Is this considered a sin?


So I got told by someone to look at this scene on this show and there was a women standing there with clothes but medium shot to her mid area. I turned away thinking it would be a general thing and ignored it afterwards. Is this considered a sin? Or at the most venial?


No, not a sin at all! You didn’t know what you were about to look at and when you saw it, you looked away as fast as possible. No sin there!

May God bless you! :slight_smile:


Of course it’s not a sin. How could accidentally seeing something vaguely inappropriate (if at all) be sinful? Have you ever been to the beach?

This kind of thinking is why muslim countries force women to completely hide themselves.


Sounds like scruples. Again, you have to purposefully decide to do something that you know is wrong for it to be a sin.


Being female and an artist, I can stare at the David or even a male model posing and think nothing but lines and shading, etc. But if my mind were to go places it shouldn’t, only I and God would know. Beauty is in the mind of the beholder and so is sin. It all depends on what goes on in your mind while seeing a brief glimpse of a partly nude woman whether or not there is a sin.

If there was, admit it, confess it to your Priest and be done with it. The more it bounces around inside your head, the more likely it is a sin and that others sins of the same nature will follow. On the other hand, if you deliberately seek out places where the women aren’t dressed right, like the nudie bar or the beach or other places and write all that goes on in your head to “Well, I’m not acting on any of this…” then guess what? You are committing sin. Keep in mind what our Lord said about he who looks on a woman with lust in his heart. God knows anyway; might as well tell Him in the Confessional.



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