Is this considered cheating?

Hi all,

I’m in college and one of my professors gives us weekly 10 question quizzes. After each quiz, she calls on students to answer each question, and she gives a small bit of extra credit if you answer them correctly out loud.

After every quiz, I join my peers in asking each other about the questions I didn’t know. We are usually pretty loud about it, so she knows we discuss the answers.

Today I was picked to answer a question I hadn’t known on the quiz, and I answered it correctly because one of my friends told me the answer. I had no way of knowing if I would be called on to answer this particular question, and I didn’t want to give the blatant wrong answer, so I gave the correct answer.

Was this wrong of me to do? If it was, how serious was this?

Thank you

I don’t understand what exactly you think falls under cheating in what you’ve described?

If your professor is aware of the after-quiz discussions and hasn’t commented on it, I don’t think you have any reason to be concerned. It sounds like a very informal quiz.

I was thinking it might’ve been wrong of me to get extra credit for an answer I didn’t actually know to begin with. Shes commented on it but doesn’t seem to care.

No, you played by all the rule set forth. Be at peace.

I’ll just reitterate what’s been said here, doesn’t sound like cheating since your professor allows discussion after the quiz and is aware answer confirmation is happening. I suspect your professor is giving the extra credit as much for the public speaking of the answers as they are for the answer themselves. Plus remember, just because your classmates gave you an answer does not guarantee that it’s the correct one :wink: A fact your professor is also undoubtedly aware of.

I’m assuming the quizzes are graded? And if so, you wouldn’t get credit for the wrong quiz answer, but just a little extra credit for correcting your mistake out loud and learning the correct answer. I think this is a legitimate learning goal and you should not worry about it because it does not strike me as dishonest.

Whether you knew it ‘originally’ or not is irrelevant. You knew the answer at the time she called on you.

I think you are WAY overanalyzing this. Do you often have difficulty determining if something is a sin? Something so minor as this?

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