Is this considered explicit information?

the question of sexual education in schools, I don’t disagree that it is mostly a private matter. and I know the magisterium says that chastity and modesty should be the primary focus and no explicit information should be given

but what what about something like learning the reproductive system in biology or anatomy class? that’s pretty explicit as far as information goes, you’re learning how everything works basically.

and it’s important for many professions such as doctors and biologists and I think we should have a good idea of how our own body works shouldn’t we?

I know this is generally not what sex ed in schools is, and from my experience, people didn’t think it was erotic information when you’re examining a preserved rabbit or plastic human model. but I was just wondering.

what does the church teach on this when it’s strictly for scientific purposes?

The Church teaches that it is not a sin to study the reproductive system for scientific purposes. Knowledge of these things are necessary to our health and the study of them is not for sexual gratification, so it is fine.

I would add that explicit information has to or needs to be given to a person that can understand what they are being told.
Age appropriate content is mandatory in movies theatre’s all over the world and yet somehow the school boards attempt to force sexual education to young children who are not mature enough to handle it.

It isn’t sinful to study the body via a body, either. Cadavers are used in medical school and some nursing schools. Also, treating/caring for people isn’t sinful, either. Those who are in healthcare, especially the nursing staff and physicians, see and touch naked bodies all the time.
The perineum or perineal area consists of other private body parts that aren’t part of your reproductive system. And breasts are private parts that you don’t have to have to reproduce.
I think that learning about sex education and anatomy/physiology is important. There is nothing wrong or dirty about your body.

I agree that the guiding principle in providing information should be chastity and modesty. I don’t think this rules out teaching the basic biology of the reproductive system although I think this should be done in single sex classes.

Beyond the basic biology of reproduction I thing ed education should be a private, personal matter lead by parents at home and based on Church teaching, which emphasises marriage motherhood and the family not sexual gratification.

That depends on the age of the individual under instruction.

The Church’s document on teaching human sexuality is entitled The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. You can find it online.

What about it? The Church has no teaching against instruction in biology for age appropriate audiences (i.e. post puberty).

The Church does not say otherwise.

It doesn’t. It expects us to use common sense.

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