is this considered gossiping?

if a problem arises with someone yu know and you discuss it with others who already know about the problem to try and find a solution

for example, there was an issue on my sports team with a guy, who is married, trying to get another girl to make out with him and doing other things she didn’t want to do. she got really scared and told me about it. apparently, she had told him to back off but he still wasn’t listening and bothering her. we discussed it and i told her she needed to be more firm with him. also, because we are visually impaired, we also told another teammate, who is male and often shares a room with this guy at tournaments if he could keep an eye on the situation because he can also see a bit better than us. she did end up making it more clear to him that she wasn’t interested and nothing has happened so far. also, i told my mom who is one of the coaches about it, just in case she notices him trying to do something too. we agreed to just let it go unless something else happens again. and we decided the girl’s boyfriend sould relaly know about it too. better him hear it from her rather than someone else.

another situation, a friend and i are working on a school project and another classmate keeps coming to try and distract us, after he leaves, we discussed that we should have been more firm with him and telling him to leave if he won’t let us work.

having trouble at work or school and asking your friends and parents for advice on how to deal with difficult coworkers and classmates.

are this examples considered gossip?

Asking for and giving advice is not gossip; it’s problem solving.


No, neither of the examples you gave were gossiping in the slightest bit.

Gossipping is different from asking people for advice or telling people about a dangerous situation.
Isn’t gossipping like:Spreading news about somebody for the thrill of it, or even trying to make somebody look bad (especially the second is morally really really wrong).

Now who needs to know about the situation in your first example we here cannot decide, as we don’t know how dangerous the situation was… but in any case, whether or not it was gossipping and/or sinful for you depends on your intentions. (yeah I know it can get mixed up sometimes, like, I may not be sure did I really only ask for advice or did I maybe a liiiiiittle bit enjoy to share the news… but then anyway grave sin required full consciousness :wink: )

It sounds to me that your intentions were example1) to help somebody respectively to get help for somebody in a dangerous situation (as I said, I cannot know if it was necessary to tell all those people, but it sounds like you thoroughly chose whom to tell and who needed to know) and example2) to talk over a problem with somebody who was invloved as well anyway and 3)to ask for advice, get support for your problems.

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