Is this considered to be copyrighted material?

I noticed on a thread on CAF that some users were posting a link to this domain that you can get info from

What I see is a wide range of audio files from Fulton Sheen, Father John Corapi etc. I understand things are considered free now a days because if it’s hosted on a web server/website or recorded off your dvr, the mentality is that we are free to give this away to whoever we wish. Does anyone know anything about this website and the legal issue of this material hosted for free?

No, we are not free to give away copyrighted material that we have ripped from a CD or DVD or that we have found on a pirate website. Redistributing the material to others is a violation of copyright.

The webpage you mentioned does seem to be redistributing speeches by Fr. Corapi that he is selling on his website. For example, the six part Word of God costs $75, so plainly it has value which is diminished by that website’s piracy.

Perhaps the thing to do is to notify Fr. Corapi or his staff about this. I’m sure they would like to see their material removed.

As a guy who runs a software development company (but not a lawyer) I can tell you definitively that just because it is on the internet does not remove the copyright owner’s rights to control the intellectual property in any legal way he/she chooses. That being said, if the copyright owner chooses to allow free distribution or even a viral distribution “make a copy for yourself and some for your friends” that is their prerogative. There are sites that do that and they should provide the copyright notice and restrictions to allow that. If there is no mention of the copyright, I’d be a little leery. Often times well intentioned people don’'t realize the implications of their actions when it comes to intellectual property.

I like to give people benefit of the doubt as well. It appears, however, that some believe information should be free, meaning anything. So yes, contact Father Corapi when in doubt. I have yet to see a site that hosts free material with an appropriate notice, like: This material is provided free at this site by permission of XYZ Corp. If in doubt, here is a link to verify."


Did they just got hacked? :confused:

I contacted the user of this website and who appears to be a member of CAF. I don’t want to mention names but here’s the response I got.

“Actually, I downloaded them from EWTN’s website, for free. So, I figured they were free. I don’t know that much about the legal part of this, but I figure it’s all part of the Church’s general ministry to get the word out. If they ask me to take them off, I will. But I suspect they would view my efforts as a help vs. a hindrance.”

I personally checked ewtn’s website and the only files free for download for Fr. Corapi is a few basic ones see link

I also noticed a lot Fulton Sheen material as well. I’m sure this could be an honest mistake if indeed at one time EWTN had this posted on their audio files, but even then I still don’t think it gives anyone the right to re-host files that don’t belong to you on a website. I’m going to have to contact Santa Cruz Media Inc. It’s upsetting because the mentality to steal seems ok if it’s found online in today’s society. If this stuff is indeed free material then why am I spending money on it? :shrug:

Most websites offer information that is free to read because they are supported by advertising. Therefore, to take that information and provide it on another website will do two things:
[LIST]*]ruin the copyright holder’s Google ranking because Google does not like duplicate content, therefore their site is lowered in the search results and this can negatively impact traffic;
*]negatively impacting search traffic or otherwise diverting traffic from the copyright holder’s website by posting duplicate content will negatively impact their earnings.[/LIST]

In other words, it’s stealing.


I’ve known several artists who have gotten a website sued because of someone posting their artwork without permission,and as such they now have a “do not post” list.

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