Is this considered work?

Is it considered work to clean a cooker on Sunday? My dad wants me to clean the grates on the smoker so that he can cook with it today. I very much dislike cleaning the grates.

The Catechism states that you can do what work is for the common good. Food service and essential house work are OK.

Hard labor on Sunday is not OK. But cleaning a cooker so you can cook and eat on Sunday is fine.

Please seek help from your pastor for your scrupulosity.

Offer up the work to God for any number of good intentions.

Do the work well, quickly, obediently, cheerfully for the love of God. Set aside your dislike and give the well done work to God.

Hmm I sincerly think he isn’t scrupulosity here even if shown elsewhere. He simply trying to get out of something he dont wanna do :D…

pause for thought
Even then the working on a Sunday thing isn’t a Catholic concept is it in that the Priests are working full on each Sunday, some doing four or five Masses and other services on top and if it a sin to Work on Sunday then all priests a breaking that sin? I think that was an old testament ruling and whilst the Old Testament is used, Catholics-Christians go by the New Testament.

Thanks for the replies. And it’s alright to study on Sunday, right?

Sure…but over time you might examine why it is that you only have Our Lord’s Day to study…how did you spend Friday afternoon and evening? How did you spend all of Saturday? Could you have not squeezed out 4 or 6 hours of rather open ended time on those days…so you could spend a day with family resting, sharing, goofing off together with your family?

If you have to.

My thoughts exactly. :thumbsup:

It’s very important not to mistake authentic concern for moral and Church law with scrupulosity.

Addressing the issue itself, taking care of family needs can be a valid reason to work on Sunday. I would personally try to do such jobs the day before to avoid even that kind of Sunday work, but since we haven’t invented time travel yet it is too late for that option.

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