Is this crying statue the work of fallen angels or real?


Could this be real the manifestation of our blessed Mother crying or is this the work of fallen angels? You decide.


False dichotomy. There are other possible explanations, in fact far more probable than either of these.


what country is this in


In a place call Vijaywada in India.


My vote is that someone thought of a clever idea to increase Church attendance…

These things nearly always happen in India, and are pretty invariably totally fake.


It’s impossible to tell exactly what is going on here at all.

Is it blood? Has it been tested? Why are the statues behind glass, were they always behind glass?

Why would God make a statue cry blood? Why not saline tears?

Too many unanswered questions and no way of us knowing anything to be able to judge this at all I think.


@INP Now, this becomes a moral question. Is it a sin to lie in order to increase church attendance?


Yes of course it is.


Yes. (10 characters)


If this event has not been investigated and approved by the Bishop, ignore it.


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