Is this Deception?


Hey all, this has got me wondering what actually is Deception?
I’m kinda confused as to what it consists of,
for example when I am older and hopefully have kids if make them believe in Santa Claus and such is that Deception?

Or take today for example to make things short I thought I felt a lump in a private area on my body and when talking, somebody said I’ve got to walk home now, I replied I’ve got to go to the Doctors Now.
They asked why and I said, "Think might be a bladder infection, but I’m not to sure to be honest"
I didn’t want to really be embarrassed consider the person I was talking to was female so I said this, was that Deception?

So what I am asking is what exactly is deception? Is it when you lie in order to benefit from that lie or?

So If anyone could give me a definition in plain English that would be greatly appreciated.



If it’s something you feel is private, say so. Like, “I need to get to the doctors because I’m not feeling well.” But believing in Santa is a bit different. But, in the end, it’s something that isn’t really harmful to the kiddies. I had no trouble believing in him, and then finding out my parents were Santa. My daughter also believed in Santa, and had no problems with it. The same can go with the Easter Bunny. They are sort of a “status symbol” for the holidays. Yes, we need to focus on the real meaning of those days, but we can add in the fun as well.

To tell the truth, I have an aunt and uncle who have six kids. They said that they refused to talk about Santa or the Easter Bunny. Why? They were afraid that their kids, when they were old enough to find out that these two were fictitious, would think Jesus fictitious as well. I had no conflict there, and I doubt my daughter did. It’s sort of like watching Rudolph and all the other holiday shows. Or everyday cartoons. Kids can learn between what’s real and what isn’t. And they don’t need to be deprived of one for the sake of the other.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll use your first point for reference in the future if it happens but what you said about Santa Claus and such makes a load of sense and the whole thing about the real meanings I agree with you as well.
Thanks for the reply:thumbsup:


You do not have an obligation to divulge every personal detail of your life to every person you meet, even if they ask. If you say you are going to the doctor, the natural, polite question a person is going to ask is "What's wrong?" That doesn't mean they want to know your medical history. They're just showing concern.

Similarly, if someone asks "How are you?" and you say "Fine" even though you're having a crummy day, that's not deception. That's just making polite chit chat. They don't really want to hear about your every problem. They just don't want to walk past you without acknowledging your existence by saying something.


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