Is this dishonest?

so I receive disability income instance from the government. but you have to report to them all other money you get. reporting is such a hassle though because you have to provide documentation of what everything is

if you receive monitary gifts, they deduct it out of your checque

my mom’s friend gave me $100, would it be morally permissible for me to just return this gift instead of going through the reporting process? or is that still being dishonest?

Are you required to deduct every penny? Or is there a minimum? My semi-educated guess is that there is a minimum you have to receive before reporting it. For example, if someone took you out to lunch and bought you a $5 sandwich, I’m 99.99999% sure you wouldn’t have to report it.

I think you could give it back or donate it to a charity. Either way, your conscience would be clear. Bless you for being such an honest person - what goes around comes around and your truthfullness will not be overlooked!:smiley:

if they bought you a sandwich, no.

if they just give you cash, or a checque, yes

at least that’s what I’ve understood. it’s all very confusing.

I think you need to discuss this with a priest and find out what a reasonable baseline for these situations, because I’m sensing a tilt towards scrupulosity. I think even if you are on some kind of assistance, you should be able to enjoy the occasional gift. It’s not like you are going into full dependency mode here.

I’m not quite up to date on Canadian welfare laws, but my guess is the intent behind the law is to keep people who are getting thousands a month from a pension or relative from gaming the system.

Confusion is not an excuse for doing or not doing the right thing. In addition, confusion can be relieved but it will take some initiative on your part.

You need to receive clarification on minimum reporting amounts (if any) from the tax department in Canada or an attorney versed in tax law. Once you know the law then this will allow to decide on the appropriate responses. It is highly unlikely that you will find your answer on the legal question on CAF

I agree that you would be most honest if you asked the agency you’d be reporting extra income to.

ok, I did ask them. you need a letter from the person who gave it to you, which I don’t have since my mom’s friend sent it from the states

we were just thinking of sending it back to her and not accepting it.

I was never planning on not doing the right thing. I meant confusing because I’ve already asked two people and got two different answers.

apparently it has to get assessed on a case by case basis

what’s wrong with returning the gift though?

Nothing is wrong with sending it back and explaining, or explaining and asking for a letter. Two good choices.

So, you mean to tell me that if one gets a cash birthday gift you have to return it???
That can’t be right. That poor woman probably sent it to you as a gift, not as means of support.
Makes no sense. Even in the States, lottery winnings don’t get reported until they pass $600.

I don’t make the rules

they said they need a letter from the person who sends the gift, as proof.

and considering this is my mom’s friend who lives in ew York, that’s going to be more difficult then just sending it back

I would highly suggest you to consult that with a disability expert. I don’t think that it is the way you are interpreting. You do have to report income but if something is a gift I highly doubt it. If someone gives you $100 as a gift I highly doubt you have to report. Is it SSI or SSDI? For SSDI I know for a fact that there is an amount of money you can receive. My daughter’s father was on SSDI and he only had to report if he had income from another job or if he got money over a certain amount. He died and my daughter now receives the dependant benefit from him. My mother frequently sends $25 or $50 to her in checks and I have never had to report that. So before anything I would suggest you to talk with a disability expert so they can clarify it for you.

EDIT: I just noticed that thus may be in Canada so Canada may be different. Anyeay I still think you would be better talking to a lawyer whose expertise is the area of disability in your area.

Nothing’s “wrong” with returning the gift, but I’m just worried you are being too legalistic.

I don’t think God would want you to be sweating over stuff like this all the time…

A gift is just that! You don’t have to report it. Does anyone figure out the cost of birthday or Christmas gifts and report the value? It’s the same thing. Just because it was money makes no difference. What if you received $50 from Auntie Marie instead of a Kindle? Would you report that?

What if you found $5 on the ground? What then? Or finding a load of bottles and cans and returning them to the store?

Take a deep breath, cash the check, donate some to church if you like and stop worrying!

I know EXACTLY what you mean, I’m on
disability pension, too and I USED to
receive a sum of money from my mom “under
the table” for groceries, but my conscience
bothered me, so I confessed it to my priest
who told me(very wisely) to PRAY about it,
a year later, I found a job and stopped doing
it and now I’m free of being on the dole AND
from a guilty conscience!
However, IF you cash the cheque, the govern-
ment has a way of checking on you, so be

Are you sure you have to report gifts? I looked at the Canadian website for disability payments and it seems like what they care about is other income from some kind of work, not things like gifts.

yes, gifts too, I called ans asked this morning. and you have to prove it too with a letter, or else they deduct you

you even have to tell them if you leave for a trip somewhere.

every single cent. I’m not being legalistic this time

I did cash the checque but I kept in American currency so it didn’t go in to my bank account. the bank just gave me cash right away.

I haven’t done anything with it though. I know my mom won’t ask her friend for a letter, but she is willing to put in to her own account and send it back, so that’s what i’ll do. my mom took it from me anyways so even if I did report it, I don’t actually have the money.

I should have never cashed the checque and just ripped up or something. I wasn’t too clear on this whole procedure

I just don’t want to be in mortal sin or something over this

You are such a good soul! This is certainly not mortal sin, I don’t even think it’s a venial sin. If it bothers your delicate conscience so much then give the money back or give it to charity. Being on disability you are in need of charity too, just something to think about.

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