Is this dishonest?

It’s a present. I’d keep it. That’s ridiculous.

oh I completely agree, it’s totally ridiculous.

but I do understand to a certain extent. I’m sure there are tons of people trying to get away with stuff through the system

so they have to tighten everything up. a hassle for the rest of us, that’s for sure. hopefully I can get a job and get off it soon

I don’t’ think any government has the right to regulate personal gifts.
So you’re disabled according to them. SO you can never receive a gift from someone who cares about you?
I guess they don’t allow charitable organizations to help the poor?
Yeah, I’ll bet they do.

This seems ridiculous to me, too. If the giver wrote a letter, what would the letter say? If the letter would say that it is gift, then I would keep the money, because I would already know that it is a gift.

I don’t think it is wrong to disobey a ridiculous law, since people are entitled to receive gifts.

well they don’t necessarily say you can’t receive gifts, you just have to tell them and provide documentation

according to the person I spoke to today, it depends how much and what’s it’s for, eTC…

they may or may not deduct you, depending on the circumstances. that’s why they need the letter, so they can know exactly what it is

annoying, but there you have it, those are their rules. you still have to report it, no matter the amount

I also think it’s crazy that the government insists on regulating gifts, but what can I do? from their perspective, they’re giving me free money that I don’t really deserve so to them, they have a right to know every cent I’m getting

You, as a disabled person doesn’t deserve compassion and friends and relatives?
That is ludicrous.
If it were me, I’d keep and not think twice. We know you tend to scruples. I think this is an example of such.

I wonder what defines “gift” in terms of income with this situation. Are we talking about a birthday or holiday or celebratory gift that happens to be cash or a check instead of a sweater, a vase, or chocolates? Or do they actually mean large amounts of cash (more than a thousand dollars) that are gifted to someone to help pay the bills and are not expected to be paid back as a loan from family or friends might be. Would they, in all seriousness, expect you to report the cash received back from the register when you returned a birthday blouse that didn’t fit and the gift giver had enclosed the actual receipt that would allow cash back? Would they deduct the amount of food stamps one received for a month if the prior month one had to report they received a Tim Horton’s gift card? If you received some perfume or an outfit as a gift, do they expect you to report the estimated cost of the items?


:yup: and I even added more absurd examples to hopefully show Angell that this is scruples again.

One needs to not listen to scruples and get therapy for them. Living in fear of doing something wrong 24-7 males for a very difficult life. She has a Spiritual Director. Angel is a lovely young woman who is always in our prayers.

:sad_yes: What seems so simple to discern and deal with for most of us has robbed her of peace in her daily life.

God heals.

My case was a couple of hundred dollars each month,
and I started cutting down to one hundred.
Then my mother, who is in her 80’s started FORGETTING
to mail me the gift cards, and thank the good Lord I found
a casual job to make up for it!

cash or checque gifts, yes

items such as sweaters or chocolate, no

refunds for something that you get given as cash, yes,

gift cards, perfumes, eTC. no

I know, it’s crazy. but they only care about actual money, not items. but where the actual money is concerned, they want to know everything.

so yes, someone could buy me a computer and that’s fine, but if someone gave me the same amount of money, say the computer costs $1000, then they need to know. because, technically I could use to pay rent, food, things their money is supposed to be used for

the problem is, they don’t even give you enough money every month to really live off of

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