Is this document real? The Bull "Decet Romanum"



I linked to this document in [thread=79336]another thread[/thread]. I realized that the document was something I just found on the web and I didn’t know if it was real or not. I quickly deleted the post until I could verify it. I still have only been able to find it one place on the internet so I still don’t know if it is real or translated accurately.

Does anyone know if this is real?

[left]The Bull ‘Decet Romanum’: the Condemnation and Excommunication of Martin Luther, the Heretic, and his Followers, January 1521.[/left]

The Bull “Decet Romanum”



Through the power given him from God, the Roman Pontiff has been appointed to administer spiritual and temporal punishments as each case severally deserves…



Actually, it appears that “decet romanum” dealt with papal councils, at least according to New Advent and the Catholic Encyclopedia. The bull of excommunication for Luther apparently was “Exsurge Domine”.


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