Is this documentary just more anti catholic propaganda?

The Legionaries of Christ and Father Marcielle scandal is a blight on the Catholic Church.

Of course. This is secular garbage existing for shock value rather than anything else. Why not highlight what the Church actually teaches on a daily basis rather than talk about the actions of a few faithless people who clearly don’t believe in those teachings? That said, I do hope the next pope takes his place atop his throne with his Papal tiara and lays down the absolute law. This should have been done 50 or 60 years ago.

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Short answer: Yes. I’ll bet that each and every bit of (mis)information there is made up.

Shocking, huh?

Still waiting to be shocked - at something other than the calumny which the Church receives online. Proof that she is the True Church - she is hated just as Christ was.

So was Judas.
The Church survived.
So was Arius.
The Church survived.
So was the great schism.
The Church survived.
So was Berengar of tours.
The Church survived.
So was Wycliffe.
The Church survived.
So was Martin Luther.
The Church survived.
So was…

I see a trend developing here

@goodcatholic , I must confess that I did not watch the video .

There were errors in its first 16 seconds , so I didn’t waste my time on it .

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confession accepted

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I don’t think so. If you watch the whole video all the way through you will see that they have some very good things to say about Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. It strikes me as more pro-Catholic than anything else as it interviews several Catholics with a view to improving the Catholic Church and rescuing it from some of the scandalous situations which are by now well known. However, it does present a picture in such a way that it appears that under the given conditions, the hoped for improvements while possible, will not be all that easy to accomplish.

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it just amazes me that so much money, time and effort is spent by some Protestant film-makers, discrediting Catholicism

Once separated, those who leave (or began outside) must demonize the other, or else the separation appears foolish. Thus, the Catholic Church is not just to be disapproved of, it must be…


Thus, you have such abominations as bible alone, which is actually ego alone.

Catholics must have the upper hand, because we don’t have to bother demonising them. Our theology is not based on why Protestants are wrong.

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Brilliant! Had never thought of that!

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